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Youth Sports and Fitness

2024 Month of the Military Child (MOMC) Event Calendar (PDF)

The Child and Youth Services (CYS) Youth Sports & Fitness program offers various opportunities for children to participate in sports. The program is expanding to provide support for children ages 3 to 18 years to encourage healthy, life long habits. 

Team sports such as football and baseball are only available with the participation of volunteer coaches and assistants. All coaches are trained and certified by the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA). Players must be registered with CYS in order to enroll in a sport.

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Parent Participation

Parent participation is highly encouraged in all CYS programs, and is actually necessary for some activities to be successful. There would not be a Sports program without the dedication of volunteer coaches. Some ways parents participate in child care programs may include eating lunch with their child and participating in various room activities (prior arrangements must be made with your child's teacher). Parent Advisory Boards (PAB's) operate at all the Centers and are open to all parents. Through the PAB, parents provide valuable input to the programs in which their children spend a significant portion of their day. To encourage parent participation, the "Why I'm Needed" (WIN) program allows parents to earn points through volunteering opportunities at the centers, or attending parenting classes through the Family Advocacy Program.

The WIN Program: This is a special program that enables parents to earn up to a 10% discount on their 1st child's monthly child care fees at the CDC or SAC. Parents perform essential tasks for the CDC or SAC and earn a specific number of discount points. Each discount point is worth 1 percent each up to a maximum of 10 discount points which is 10%. These discount points may then be applied towards child care fee. Check with the CDC or SAC front desk staff for more information.

Volunteer Coaches

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Join our team at Youth Sports and Fitness as a volunteer coach. This rewarding experience is a great opportunity to inspire our youth to work together and be team player. As a role model, your guidance and mentorship will motivate players to work hard and enjoy the sport they love.

Volunteer benefits include:

  • Waived participation fee for immediate family members
  • Volunteer hours


Call +1 (520)674-3221 or +1 (520)674-2836 or visit the Youth Sports and Fitness Program. 


Eligibility to use CYS programs include active duty military personnel, DoD civilian personnel, reservists on active duty for 72 hours or more, and DoD contractors working on Fort Belvoir. Military retirees are only eligible for our sports programs and our free Middle School and Teens program. Because child care programs are offered for the sponsor to report to work so that the Army can meet its mission, eligibility to use Fort Belvoir child care programs ends upon End Term of Service (ETS) of sponsor, termination of sponsor's DoD employment or DoD contractor's employment on Fort Belvoir. A thirty-day grace period is authorized to find alternate care. All patrons must register with Parent Central Services (Resource and Referral - Central Registration) or by calling +1 (703)805-5555 or +1 (703)805-5556.

Online Registration & Payment

Start new registrations, make payments on your monthly childcare fees, reprint receipts and tax statements, or sign up for advertised SKIES Unlimited classes, Youth Sports or Special Activities. Log onto the Webtrac Payment System.

Registration Information

  • CYS registration and sports physical are required. 
  • Children with medical or behavioral conditions will need to complete the MIAT process; this process is not overseen by CYS and can take more than ten business days to be completed.
  • Customers with up-to-date registration and physicals can sign up and pay through WebTrac. Register now!
  • Call Parent Central Services at +1 (703)805-5555 or +1 (703)805-5556 or email for information or to schedule an appointment for registration.
  • Enrollment closes when teams are full or enroll date ends.
CYS Directory
Facility Name Address DSN Phone Commercial Phone
Parent Central Services 9800 Belvoir Road
Bldg. 200

+1 (703)805-5555

+1 (703)805-5556

School Age Services 9500 Barlow Road
Bldg. 950

+1 (703)805-9100

Youth Services 5850 Langfitt Loop
Bldg. 1003
(312)655-4515 +1 (703)805-4515
Youth Sports & Fitness 9800 Belvoir Road
Bldg. 200

+1 (520)674-3221

+1 (520)674-2836

JoAnn Blanks CDC 5901 Taylor Road
Bldg. 1207

+1 (703)805-8770

+1 (703)805-8771

North Post CDC 5925 Meeres Road
Bldg. 1745

+1 (703)806-6540

+1 (703)805-5541

South Post CDC 5952 12th St
Bldg. 1028

+1 (703)806-4347

+1 (703)806-4344

Woodlawn CDC 8770 Woodlawn Road
Bldg. 1805

+1 (703)806-0350

+1 (703)806-0352

FBNA CDC #1 7135 Barta Road, Bldg. 5023 (312)806-6550 

+1 (703)806-6550

+1 (703)806-6548

FBNA CDC #2 7134 Barta Road, Bldg. 5023 (312)806-6102

+1 (703)806-6102

+1 (703)806-6103

Rivanna CDC 2425 Defense Way, Charlottesville, VA 22911 N/A +1 (434)995-2140

More Child & Youth Services


Play Morning

Prepare to have a blast with Army Community Service (ACS) and other families during this fun learning experience.

May 24 10 am - 12 pm

Monthly OCONUS/PCS Orientation

Prepare for your new assignment and make your move with confidence.

May 28 1 pm - 2 pm

Coffee and Conversations

Promoting healthy families through important conversations with the Family Advocacy Program.

Jun 6 10 am - 11 am

Kids Color Run

Blast into color as you navigate through obstacles.

Jun 8 8 am

Summer Concert Series

Soak in the rhythm of summer at Fort Belvoir!

Jun 15 5 pm - 8 pm

Teen Activity Night

An evening of friends, books, games and general awesomeness—just for teens!

Jun 21 4 pm - 6 pm

CYS On-the-spot Hiring Event

Join our team! Child and Youth Services (CYS) is hiring! 

Jun 25 8:30 am - 1 pm

CYS On-the-spot Hiring Event

Join our team! Child and Youth Services (CYS) is hiring! 

Jun 25 8:30 am - 1 pm

Lunch and Learn with CYS

Providing education to parents and CYS staff members.

Aug 14 12 pm - 1 pm

Lunch and Learn with CYS

Providing education to parents and CYS staff members.

Aug 14 12 pm - 1 pm