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Invest in Your Future: Financial Readiness in the Digital Age

This virtual class will teach you to invest and protect your finances from scams.


Fort Belvoir Financial Readiness Program (FRP) in partnership with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission invites you to join this virtual learning experience. This workshop will teach you how to make smart investment decisions and protect your money from scams.

Topics include:  

  • The fundamentals of saving and investing.
  • Steps you can take to build wealth.
  • How money grows and the importance of starting early.
  • Reducing risk through asset allocation and diversification.
  • Investing apps and the risk of trying to pick winners or time the market.
  • Protecting your money from investment scams.
  • How TSP can secure your retirement231.


Registration Information

Participants must register by calling +1 (571)231-7025 or by sending an email
Participants will be notified of any changes in the schedule. 

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