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Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)

Fort Belvoir Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) provides customized, integrated support services dedicated to serving Soldiers in Transition (STs) and their Families. The SFAC is a one-stop location to equip and aid Soldiers in making life changing decisions as they transition either back to duty or to civilian life. The SFAC staff is a team of professionals who realize that individual needs require individual attention, and we are responsive to those needs.


The SFAC Mission is to provide tailored, compassionate, and coordinated services to our Soldiers in Transition (STs), Retirees, and Family Members.  The SFAC will assist STs, Retirees, and Family Members to navigate and access critical services expeditiously, so the Soldiers can focus on their primary mission: to heal and transition either back to duty or to service as a vital member of the community.

Education Counseling
Financial Counseling

The Financial Counselor assists Soldiers and Family Members with a wide range of financial services to include Army Emergency Relief loans & grants, emergency food vouchers, household budgeting & planning, saving and investing, credit counseling, home buying, consumer affairs, and group classes on financial management.

Human Resources Assistance

The Human Resources Specialist provides a variety of HR related services to Soldiers and Family Members to include updating emergency contact information and insurance delegations, updating the Defense Eligibility Enrollment System (DEERS) issuing the service member and family Common Access and Identification Cards, and ensuring service members’ personnel records are accurately managed.

Information and Referral Services

The Information & Referral Coordinator is the first point of contact at the SFAC and serves as the central clearing house to gather and share information of available resources on the installation, in the community, as well as through state and federal agencies, refers service members and families to the correct service providers for support, publishes the monthly calendar of events and maintains the Facebook page.

Partner Services



Military Family & Life Counselor

Offers short term non-medical counseling for service members and their Families


Reserve Liaison

Assists Soldiers with Reserve related issues

Social Security Administration

Advises service members on the process for applying for Social Security disability insurance benefits and application status via video conferencing

Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP)

Provides comprehensive transition services which include benefit counseling and job assistance training to separating and retiring Soldiers, Department of Army civilians and their Family Members

Vocational Rehabilitation

A Veterans Affairs benefit program that offers career and training programs to transitioning service members and Veterans


Social Services Assistance

Social Services Assistance provides a wide range of supportive services for STs and their Families based on needs identified through professional assessments; conducts and/or coordinates training on behavior health awareness, suicide prevention and information on maintaining overall well-being; provides referral services to agencies for consultation, counseling, parenting education and family therapy as needed; schedules onsite classes on a variety of subjects like stress and anger management; works closely with the battalion social workers and key garrison personnel; serves as a member of the Comprehensive Transition Plan team – attends scrimmages to help WTs plan their medical, emotional, physical and social needs.

SFAC Directory
Child and Youth Services (CYS) +1 (703)805-5555
Education Counselor +1 (571)231-7018 or +1 (571)231-7019
Financial Counselor +1 


Human Resources Assistance +1 (571)231-7008
Reserve Liaison +1 (571)231-7022
Social Services +1 (571)231-7012
Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP)

+1 (571)231-7030


Vocational Rehabilitation +1 (571)231-7009