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Automotive Skills Center

Seven bays are open with a maximum of one customer per bay (seven customers maximum). Due to pandemic restrictions, family members, friends, guests and other observers are not allowed at this time.

All repairs cease and no new entries permitted one hour prior to closing time

Reopening guidelines in the drop down menu below!


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The key to keeping your vehicle reliable is regular maintenance. The Fort Belvoir Auto Skills Center makes it easy and affordable for you to perform regular maintenance on your own vehicles by providing space, supplies, and advice (when needed) for those "do-it-yourselfers." Maintain your car yourself at the Fort Belvoir Auto Skills Center.

Reopening: What you need to know

For the safety of our staff and customers, the Automotive Skills Center is offering the following:

  • Effective Oct. 28: The Auto Skills Center is open to all authorized patrons.
    • Active Duty
    • DoD Civilians
    • Retirees and Family Members
  • Seven bays are open with a maximum of one customer per bay (seven customers maximum).
    • Due to pandemic restrictions, family members, friends, guests and other observers are not allowed at this time


Our Facility Features:

  • 2 Lube Lift Bays - Heavy duty 14,000 lb. hydraulic drive-on vehicle lifts (oil and fluid change services only, other repair/maintenance services per management approval only based on availability).
  • 2 Frame Lifts Bays with 10,000 lb. limit (for trucks and SUVs)
  • 5 Frame Lifts Bays with 9,000 lb. limit
  • 1 Motorcycle Lift Bay
  • 3 Flat Bays - No vehicle lift but jacks and stands are available at no charge
  • Tire Mount and Balance Service
  • Brake Lathe (Rotor Machining)
  • Strut Compressor
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Air Tools
  • Complete assortment of Hand Tools 
  • Access to AllData and Chilton Online Repair Manuals, and the latest Snap-On scan and diagnostic tool to help troubleshoot your check engine code and other troubles.
  • Knowledgeable and experienced training instructors to assist you.
Eligibility and Qualification Card


The Kawamura ASC is available for all DoD eligible patrons, including Active Duty, Reserves, Retirees, DoD Civilians, and eligible Contractors. Patrons must present a DoD-issued ID card, Vehicle Registration, and Qualification Card when requesting a work bay.

  • Vehicle registration: The vehicle owner is the only person authorized to sign in their vehicle for a work bay. The owner must remain with the vehicle at all times during repairs/maintenance, and may bring a friend or family member to assist. All assistants must also complete the Safety Training.  
    • Due to pandemic restrictions, family members, friends, guests and other observers are not allowed at this time.
  • Qualification Card: Obtained by viewing the mandatory 20-minute Safety Training Video and completing the waiver/user agreement. Available any time during facility operating hours, up to 30 minutes before closing times. Qualification Card is provided to all guests after successful completion of the training and signing their waiver.

New to the area, and have used an ASC at another installation? Provide the staff with your previous installation's Qualification Card, and they will give you one of ours!


Self Service Usage Fees
Self Service Usage Fees Price
Shop Fee  $5
Oil Change Bay  $9/hr
Lift Bay  $9/hr
Flat Bay  $6/hr
Motorcycle Lift $6/hr
Work Bench  $5/hr
Drum/Rotor Turn $12 ea
Air Tool(s) $5
Air Cut-off Tool $5 +parts
Bench Grinder $5
Engine Hoist $10
Transmission Jack $7
Hydraulic Press $5
Power Steering Tool $2
Solvent Tank/Parts Washer (Green) $10/hr
Grease Gun $2
Strut Compressor $5 ea
Oxycetaline Torch $10/15 min
Mig or Arc Welder $10/15 min
Axel Nut Socket Set $5
Sawzall $5 + parts
Harmonic Balancer Puller $5
Soldering Iron $3
Vacuum $5
Drill Press $5/hr
Wheel Stud Installer $2
Staff Service Fees

Staff Services- No appointment necessary

Service Fee
A/C Recharge (up to 2 lbs) $100
Per additional pound $20/lb
A/C Leak Check only $40
A/C Evac only $40
A/C Refill only $60
Check Engine Light Reset $15
Battery Charger $5
Battery Jump Box $3
On-Post Jump Start (when avail.) $10
Oxyacetylene Cutting Torch $10/15 min
Propane Heating Torch $5/15 min
Coolant System Pressure Test $15
TPMS Sensor Re-program $10 per sensor


Tire Service Fees

Service Fee
Tire Disposal $2.50 Each

Valve Stem/

TPMS Install

$5 Each

Flat Tire Repair

Plug Only

$5 Each

Flat Tire Repair

Staff Complete Labor

$14 Per Tire
Tire/Rim Mount, Per Wheel Balance, Per Wheel

Std. Passenger

Vehicle Tire

$7 Each $9 Each
Dismount Only $5 Each N/A

Low Profile,

Truck & SUV

$9 Each $9 Each
Dismount Only $5 Each N/A



  • Max 22" Rims
  • Custom Rims by approval only
  • Summer/Winter Tire Swap is by approval only pending tire condition
  • No motorcycle, lawnmower, or other non-passenger vehicle tires
  • No oversized or aggressive mud tires
  • No used tires
  • No run-flats
Vehicle Resale Lot

Is it time to move up to a new car or are you looking for something for the new driver in your family? The resale lot is the perfect place to showcase your vehicle for sale or to pick one out. Resale lot spaces are assigned at the Auto Skills Center.

The hours for processing new spaces are Wed-Fri from 12 - 8 p.m. and Sat-Sun 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Contact the Auto Skills Center for more information, but here are some of the basics:

  • Cost per 30 days:
    • $45 for vehicles 18 feet or less.
    • $100 for vehicles over 18 feet.
    • Renew at least 2 days prior to expiration of your space if you wish to leave your vehicle in the lot. Renewals are approved if there is no demand for the space.
  • Vehicles must be clean and operable: current insurance and registration are required.
  • The lot is for the use of Active duty personnel, DoD personnel, retirees and family members (with DoD ID’s.) Vehicles displayed for sale can be: Automobiles, vans, motorcycles, boats on trailers, trailers, small motor homes (RV) and travel trailers. 
  • All vehicles displayed must have a resale lot parking permit displayed or be subject to tow at owner's expense.
Storage Fees
Storage Fees Price
Indoor Open Days (Lift Bay) $9/hr
Indoor Open Days (Flat Bay) $6/hour
Indoor Closed Days  $5/day
Outdoor 1st 10 Days $5/day
Outdoor 11-31 Days $10/day
Engine/Work Bench Area $5/day
Engine Stand Open or Closed $10/day
Long-Term (With On-going Repairs, NTE 120 Days) $250/month

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